Anonymous asked:
is it true that eating one spoon of peanut butter at night can help you loose weight?

I can tell you now there no evidence that supports that from a scientific standpoint. It sounds like just a freak fad practice someone made up :p

Due to the premature labeling, artificial sweeteners still have that nasty stigma attached to them of being cancerous. Although it’s been proven that they are not, saccharine is considered unsafe for pregnancy and there is controversial evidence of it causing weight gain according to a huge study done by Purdue University. See also fact #83.

Personally, I advise people to flip the norm: You should think of the vegetables as the main course and the meat as your side.

Hydrogenated fats are fats added in a lab by chemists to food to make its shelf life longer. So basically, the harder your margarine is, the longer takes to melt, and the more hydrogenated/trans fats. That’s why it’s soft margarines or bust.

Anonymous asked:
I have read that some fruits and vegetables that resemble body parts are good for those body parts. Can you make posts related to it?

So are you like…saying that cucumbers are good for

and peaches are good for

Yeahhhhhhhh I’m pretty sure not that’s not legit but I’ll read up on it?

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